Gilbert Mendonca – The First MLA of Mira Bhayander

Born on 9th October, 1952 in Bhayander itself, Gilbert Mendonca has proved to be the son of the soil quite literally. He belongs to a humble family with no political pedigree, but it was his vision that has got him so far. The three decades long journey seems to have just started as his zest and excitement are still afresh, and he has always been at the forefront of exploring things with a new approach.

First Member of Legislative Assembly
  • Gilbert Mendonca - MLA

  • First Member of Legislative Assembly
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The Person

He is a leader who sees situations only in black and white and whose decisions are unbiased and free from any political nuances. The belief and value of this veteran have earned him the recognition and respect, and over the years, he has built the trust of people. ‘Gilbert Mendonca’, - the name that resonates in the entire constituency of Mira Bhayander because if it were not for him then this place wouldn’t have undergone the development that it has till date. His ideologies not just attracted people, but also help develop great extent of fondness for him and they keep showering their incessant love and support.

He is not just a Legislator to his people, but a revered figure by the people; he is also addressed as Sethji by many. The term ‘Sethji’ comes from his extremely generous quality that makes him stand apart from the rest of the lot. For him politics is a medium to reach out to the people and utilize his ability to help them. He is a giver to the society, making his constituency a better place to live in by improving and introducing the infrastructure and other essential means and also by creating several opportunities for its people.

With the years that have passed, Gilbert Mendonca has only shown to be the most promising Legislator who wants every common man of Mira Bhayander to rise above the level and live a life of choice and not chance.

The Legislator

Coming from a Christian family with business background, Mr. Mendonca too had no political orientation. Yet, he always had an inclination to serve the society and do something worthwhile for the people around him. That’s when he took humble steps towards social work with initiatives to help the common man. Looking at his confidence and vision, his well-wishers persuaded him to give politics a serious thought and take bigger steps.

The political career of Mr. Mendonca has begun way back in 1978 when he was first elected as the Sarpanch of Mira Bhayander and thereon began Mr. Mendonca’s political endeavor and the rest is history. The next turning point was he becoming the President of Mira Bhayander in the year 1990. And there was yet another milestone achieved when he became the first ever MLA of Mira Bhayander. This progress chart sure tells a lot about the persistency of this great Legislator's dream - to serve the people.

It’s been over thirty years, Mr. Mendonca has proved his mettle year after year, being at the helm and taken decisions favorable for his constituency. He has left no stone unturned when it comes to the upliftment and development of Mira Bhayander. Sethji has left an indelible mark in the hearts of everyone through his phenomenal work.